Round Valley Indian Housing Authority

The Round Valley Indian Housing Authority (RVIHA) was created by Tribal Ordinance in 1975

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The RVIHA is the Tribally Designated Housing Entity (TDHE) and the designated recipient of the annual Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA) Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG).

The RVIHA was created to provide safe, sanitary and decent housing for low-income Round Valley Indian Tribes (RVIT) members. It was realized in 1975 and earlier that there existed within the Round Valley Indian Reservation unsafe, unsanitary and overcrowded housing conditions. It was expected that creation of the RVIHA would help to begin to alleviate those conditions. We have families living in used mobile homes without water, sewer, and electric. Overcrowding continues to be a serious problem due to a lack of decent low rent housing.


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